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The High Power Led Green model is manufactured using green monochromatic LED light technology, achieving the best balance between functionality and saving. The high efficiency of its optical system guarantees excellent levels of luminance and uniformity in the water column. This model is manufactured both for use in the process of smoltification and for fattening in sea water.

The green light homogenizes the ATP gill branch in the fish group, which is related to the direction of light rays on the pineal gland and to the best distribution of the fish in the pond, which avoids the shadow of one over others. This homogenization in the groups is associated with a reduction in post-shipment mortality rates at sea.

In sea water, it is recommended to decrease the percentage of sexual mature and stimulate growth. The repeated stimulation of the green color is captured by the pineal gland of the fish decreasing the melatonin pulses and thus the gonadal maturity. This is because the pineal gland is highly sensitive to  a spectrum between 510-540 nanometers, ie  green fraction of the light spectrum. In addition, stimulation of the pineal gland causes the synthesis of growth hormone allowing a better bone and muscular development of the fish. According to the experience of our clients, with the use of photoperiod with HPL green it is possible to advance the Salmo salar harvest two months and a 35% increase in growth of accelerated growth fish has been achieved.


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