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Bioled®, we are leaders in innovation in LED light systems with photoperiod based in the city of Puerto Montt, axis of the Salmon Industry in Chile.

For over 12 years we have studied and researched to optimize our products and therefore make them more efficient.

We provide integral management for the installation and operation of our photoperiod systems utilizing the experience gained through continuous research and development. Our service includes:

  • Planning of planting groups
  • Photoperiod tracking
  • Technical advice

We have managed to integrate the photoperiod at each stage of the production cycle, which allows us to have traceability and follow-up of the life cycle of each group of fish. For this we provide training services, analysis of results, spectrum radiometric measurements, transmittance, dissolved particles in water and melatonin.

Our HPL and MPL (patented) photoperiod lamps, built with the latest LED technology available, allow us to deliver a lower energy consumption, contributing to reduced production costs and reducing the carbon


Provide the most efficient solution in photoperiod aquaculture systems. Provide complete and innovative solutions to our customers.


We strive to provide innovative solutions that respect the environment, are efficient in energy use and are efficient in optimizing the production process. Our products are in continually improving due to our continuous research and development

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Claudio Bertín

Technical Manager


Ximena Navarro

Research and Development Manager


Cristina Navarro

Administration and Finance Manager